Monday, April 28, 2003

Well sorry about the delay, been busy been really busy. Not doing stuff that I should be doing but doing other stuff, that used to be fun, but just isnt any more.

My alcohol intake has increased by about 600% in the last week, and this is good as alchol makes me forgot and forgetting is good.

My laptop starting playing up again this week as well, might be time for a format.

Oh well proably better get some sleep, everyone else I know is allowed it so I dont see why I shouldnt be.

Friday, April 25, 2003

well its Thursday night (Friday Morning) i havent posted all week, sorry for keeping you lot waiting,

This week I have had a rather large amount of lows (Thinking I am going to fail my course (There is always comp science)) Been to Ocean twice (Dont know why but had the time of my life (As toploader would say)). Spoke to giver of hugs at home lots this is good. Going to drive van on saturday :d, with JB (Good rigging Partner, and sort of really good mate, and possibly Damo (Top notch DJ)). Sorry about this Blog entry deing a bit radom, but I am well Drunk.

I feel a lot better today than the rest of the week, I have been really down, but now I am happy and have lots of rigs to do, which is cool, but then exams which is bad,

Busted year 3000 is playing now, must put that on cd for saturday.

Oh and PADDYS GOT A GIRLFRIEND, dont know if he reads this if you do paddy let me know, would like to know if anyone reads this actually, of well let me know ;)

bye for now


Sunday, April 20, 2003

Well yesterday slabs were cut and lets just leave it at that (Got hugs though).

Today I went with my Dad to buy a digital camera, its rather nice, then i had a falling out with someone. Then I took that someone to the cinema, which was really nice actually, but right now as I write this I feel I am going to have another falling out with said person, why do I do this to myself? I should just realise what I want and go for it? OH well heres falling out time.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Well suppose that more or less it for today, never did go to my friends, hmmm which made me bored, so I played on the net as useual.

Oh well bed soon I suppose.

well i belive its thursday today,

Didnt really do much yesterday, watched the builders mainly. Then went to a friends house and got lots of hugs which was cool.

Today I went to work, and am knackered, been drinking stella again, which is never good. Oh well may go see said friend again tonight, but who knows!

Cutting slabs tomorrow that should be fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Well today, today was good I feel.

Went to my grandads, order him a memory card for his camera. moved some stuff in his garden, got fed LOTS by my grandma which was cool :-) . Then was joined by my special giver of hugs as she only lives over the road, before being driven home.

Once one I was driven to my rents friends once where we drank champagne all evening, which was cool. Anyway lots of fun hopefully tomorrow, you will have to wait to find out though, ;-) .

Well, the builders arrived on time, and our extension now has a footing, yey!

Went to wicks with my Dad to get some slabs to finish off the pond.

Then spend all eveing driving the tranist van he had borrowed around, and very nice it was too, they go, realllly fast (And this one has electric windows / mirrors, and an arm rest).

Oh and I got hugs again which was cool.

Sunday, April 13, 2003


Well no posts for two days, sorry, (Like anyone reads this apart from Ed).

Well there were no posts on Friday due to me getting hugs, and working all day (Well playing solitare all afternoon, I had rewritten a database in the morning though so I dont feel guilty).

There were no posts yesterday due to me and my dad re-digging a pond, which just needs some slabs putting on it now, may put some photos on here sometime.

Well today, well today didnt really happen, just clean out the garage type area for when the builders hopefully arrive tomorrow. Got to go now as i am expecting a call from a giver of hugs, Speak soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well today started off the shitest of the week.

Then in the last two hours bridges have been built and I have found out I may be getting some Nexo Alpha to play with on a perminant basis, Hmmmmmm.

Anyway got to go , a girl is ringing me, it just gets better, see you al tomorrow, (Obviously cos so many people read this).

Round two

Didnt really happen, she went to bed, lying whore. Not that I am bothered anyway, I am getting hugs (And possibly a van) on firday :).

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Well Ding Ding round one,

Arguing with people you dont like over messenger is such a copout but makes you feel so much better.

Well, I think a song called 'My very best friend' by 'Proud Mary' somes this up quite well, and worth a download.

Well that was fun, dug some plants up, moved them, planted them again. Then found a mains cable buried, thought hmm, that shouldn't be there, dug some more found it went into the garage. Where I found it was infect a live mains cable buried in the garden, may put up some photos if I can be bothered to go outside again, it is a long way!

Watched the fall of Baghdad on BBC 1, which was interesting, as Old Ed says in his blog, never though people would find it so difficult to topple a statue, also amazed at how people didn't want to get out of the way of it as it fell, they didn't seem to realize it would kill them if it landed on them. Oh well never mind.

Well no post for yesterday due to me sleeping lots, which was odd.

Went to work though, that was ok, again richer than I was yesterday so it has to be good. Didnt really do much while I was there either.

So far today I have just woken up feeling really really pissed off, had a cool dream though so that sort of makes up for it. I am going to move some stuff before the builders come now, oh well be back at nottingham soon :).

Monday, April 07, 2003

Wow three really good conversation in one night, this is getting really strange, and an offer of a hug (I think, maybe it was denied, who will know). And 'Roadies' is on in 1/2 an hour, may even get some sleep tonight, for tomorrow is the great photo resize!

Well day two,

Didn't get to sleep till early today, (Third day in a row) this is starting to get me down now. Was woken at 7am which didn't help to go to work with my Dad (Hey at least I am richer today than yesterday). Had an interesting day at work, mainly fixing dial up networking problems in the office, and got covered in shit from all the sawdust that gets everywhere. (Got a free Epson photo 790 today as well, it was going in the skip!!!!! only needs a bit of work and it will be good as new).

Went to look at ponds again on the way home, plan to get in on friday (Could be some van driving for me :) ). And dig the hole on saturday, things we do for our Grandparents.

Talking to a friend right now who I thought would never talk to me again, so maybe all is not lost.

sometimes I wish was brave,
I wish I was stronger,
I wish I could feel no pain,
I wish I was young,
I wish I was shy,
I wish I was honest,
I wish I was you not I,
Cos I feel so mad.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Well, first day of blog.

Went to look at ponds, that was, erm interesting to say the least.

Still hung over from friday, or i just feel like shit.

Spoke to Old Ed, who suggested this site, so here i am.

Hope this will get more interesting as time goes on, i.e. when I go back to nottingham. I really dont seem to do much when I am at home, apart from listen to all those cd's I had to leave behind. And loose friends, but that all happened pre-blog so hey.

Watched Grand Prix and saw the cars crash in the wet, highlight of the holiday, (Apart from Snowdon).

Cos my peers they critise me,
And my ex-wifes all despise me,
Tried to put it all behind me,
But my red neck past is nipping at my heels,
Been thinking a lot today,
Been thinking a lot today,
Been thinking a lot today,