Thursday, July 31, 2003

WOW it was long ago since i posted to this,

Well I did fail so have to resit, but then i will fail them so hey thats it I suppose.

But that isnt going to get me down, me got a really cool girlfriend, a lovely laptop, and I am watching charlies angles right now.

Well I am only posted now because I think one of my friends told me he read it, I only think beacuse a serious amount of alcohol was consumed and I dont remember what was said which is a bit scary. hmm.

Right well from now on I am going to start posting more often,

Starting torrow with me uploading some of the photos I have of the extension being built, which I dont have many of cos I havent been living here. But I do seem to have a large number of pictures of trucks that have been to my house, supprisingly. Well as of tomorrow I will post photos of what the builders are doing, the electrians havent started yet, and the plumbers started yesterday and have done quite a bit.

I think that should do for now.....