Sunday, August 31, 2003


well since last posts things have moved on a bit and then gone back abit and then moved forward again, then stopped, leading to be being exceptionally confused and kinda perminatly living on an emotional knife edge, which really is deffinately not good.

Well nothing really happened between tuesday and thursday, had an exam, which i probably failed but didnt expect to anyway.

Friday: well friday, a day of two half's. First half was absoultly perfect, one of the few days I can remember when i was happy, It was sunny while i walked to TEC, I sorted so things out, then the girl I love move than anything in the world sent me a text message saying she had got a job, so I asked if she wanted to come and spend the day with me at TEC as I was going out in the van, she said yes (at that point I nearly died of a heart attack). So she came to the office and she was all wet as it was raining, but yet she was smiling, something I havent seen her do for a while. Anyway jist of story we got on better then we ever had before, we hugged and bit, and alround seemed very happy with each other, I thought things had finaly started to go right. Then comes the second part of the day, lets just say I was wrong, I went to the pub, with said lovely person, and some friends, ended up shouting and ofending some of the friends, and was generally ignored by the lovely person. Oh well thought I was kiding myself anyway.

Saturday came: Ntl cut me off cos I hadnt paid apparently, so spent most of the day sorting that out, then ask if I could go see lovely person surprisingly she said yes, so I did. Got fish and chips on the way which was nice, when I got there I more or less sat in silence as her house mate was fixing a FX loom, which we had bought to plug in the desk we are going to hire regularly apparently, hmmm and they say you dont feel left out if you dont go to greenbelt, lieing fuckers. Oh well i said to her I would go, got a bit of a hug, it felt as good as ever, oh well that was that i walked home,

When i got home i got myself a glass of squash and went upstairs, where i spilt the squash over my laptop, so it wasnt a good day, i then decided i needed to dry out the keyboard, so i put a desklamp over it. Which proceded to melt 3 of the keycaps, arse.

Sunday: well today, havent spoken to lovely person, she probably has got scared and run off, i know i would have by now. Found somewhere to get a new keyboard from.

oh and if anyone who reads this and knows me could let me know, i just wondered if anyone cares.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Ok doing my resits,

Oh I am also single,

and i carnt go on like this anymore, i dont know what i want anymore, i dont know who i am, i just know that i carnt go on like this anymore, i dont know what that means, but I think I do.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Damm BBC three not showing spooks a week in advance, showing that shite fame acdamy in stead!!! stupid thing. Who really cares which one of them can sing the least badly??

Hello, no post yesterday as nothing happened, well apart from I had a fire to burn the bush, and some of the old joists that were lying around:).

Havent done anything today really, will watch spooks again tonight, although will have seen the eppisode thats on first thanks to BBC three, oh well its quite good I suppose.

Thats it,

(Really interesting this isnt it :P).

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Have done a bit today, went and had my hair cut, its all short now. Then we went to B and Q to look and some tiles, we bought a pack to see what they are like, in one room they look nice in the other they look miniging oh well my rents like them so I am happy! Doug a bush out of the garden as well, that wasnt that fun though, although I need use a 3m scaff bar and a sledge hammer to get in out.

Tomorrow holds trips to look at more tiles and stuff like that.

Maybe will take some photos as well.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Hello me again. Ok so no photos, oh well something to do tomorrow.

Didnt really do much today, but seemed to be busy if you know what I mean.

Went shopping with my mum, always fun. Then went round to my grandparents to see them, and ended up in their loft fixing their TV ariel. Afterwards I was present with the latest electrical wiring regulations (to read of course) before going home, to move the timer and flooring chipboard boards onto the pile, that the delivery bloke had dumped on the grass outside the gates, oh well,

Should get my hair cut tomorrow, probably end up going and looking at tiles as well, which should be erm fun?