Tuesday, October 14, 2003


Not really been up to much lately, kinda bit down, spent too much time doing TEC and not enough time doing my degree, me going to fail again, oh well,

been to the pub a few times, that was nice seem to be spending a large amount of money and not getting very drunk which is kinda bad I suppose, must need to drink more I suppose.

Really want to see someone now but carnt for many reasons, of well theres always tomorrow.


Sunday, October 05, 2003

WOW, Roy was great as useual, (only seen him once before but he rocked then two), and other things made it quite a special night.

thats all really, only 3 hours of lectures tomorrow, its great being an arts student, :).

See ya, and big hugs to everyone,

Oh and this weekend has made me realise who special I am to some people, sorry for moaning about how unappriciated I was, I know I was talking shit now, thanks to you all.

Hello, oh well, had a right to be scared, but for the oposite reason I thought I should be, hmmmm, that was a good way to confuse people, just realised how to change the time as well thats cool.

Went into town last with someone special for my birthday, that was really nice, thankyou :).

Going to the bar to watch Roy'd'wired tonight I think I am anyway, oh well.


Tis all.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Hmm, yesterday was a bit crap, too much work was done, some good things happened, but only one of you who reads this knows anything about that, and the rest of you will never guess so :P, unless you have been paying really close attention to what i have been saying and doing lately :P.

Writting this now as someone is coming to see me and I VERY scared but kinda excited, which is nice, I think, hmm of well. Arent change things now.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Hello, well really shit things have happened since I last posted, and then some more shit things, sums it up I suppose,

Well as most of you know I am back in nottingham, dont really know why, kinda doing a degree, kinda doing TEC, dont really feel welcome though dont seem to fit in anymore, probably I just care too much and can see whats happening to it , oh well.

Oh not all has been bad though, the rig I did at the Ice Areana went really well (well apart from when I fucked up the rehersal, and left the lights on a bit too long at the end), the proudest moment of my life did happen that day though, when some one I really respect told me I should be proud of myself for doing a good job, Cheers for that :) (you know who you are!!).

Kinda feel bad all the time for making someones life harder than it needs to be, I dont know, maybe me leaving TEC and joing the Theatre is the best option for everyone, it certainly looks that way at present, I think it would be fairer for her if I did, but then all involved seem a bit fucked up,

TEC also seems to be loosing a lot of very good members at present, and very few of us are noticing, ironicly its the people that are thinking of leaving that are noticing. Kinda feel I need to leave though cos I can feel this year going the same way as last, and I dont want that, well actually maybe I do, I dont know.