Sunday, January 11, 2004

ok the whole everyday thing isnt happening.

nothing is anymore, ever wonder where your going? I mean not where your going but where your going?

I dont know what to say know, been looking at the keyboard for like 4 minutes, well the left of this song anyway, dam bleepy bit grrr.

Got an exam tomorrow, dont really see the point in going but suppose I better had,

Nearly started writing song lyrics then, my god things must be getting bad :s. There one of those 'Things I'll never say' (lol couldnt resist it sorry, I'm just 'searching for those words inside my head').

Going to conitue my new habit of buying cds of the mp3's I have tomorrow I have, cos one of the songs has the great line 'I want to see you go down on me' which I think is just brilliant.

I feel like I have really really lost someone in the past few days, but I havent which is the really odd think, I am closer to nearly everyone I know than I have for a while, (ok yeah theirs you but I dont know maybe you should call sometime).

Do you ever have those days when you it feels like 3 different days because of how your mood changes through the day? Well thats happening a lot really, oh and 'Scrubs' is sooo cool.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Wow, last time was a long time ago,

doubt anyone reads this anymore, but Kate still links to me so someone might look sometime.

Went to Burnley yesterday, which was a bit random but fun as always.

Trying to do some coursework now, think it was ment to be in yesterday, but not really sure :s, of well.

Going to fail all my exams again, I know I always say that, but really I know absolultly nothing at all, arent ever going to get a job I like, dont know why I am still here, at least its sunny, and I was able to get out of bed at 10am, maybe sorting out my sleeping at last.

Think thats all, as its exam time, I am sure I will be updating this more than usual.