Saturday, June 05, 2004

Hello :).

Well, life is ok at present I think, yesterday was really good fun (well apart from when i though a DJ was going to hit me, but chris F appeared and looked hard so that was good :) ).

Chessney was good for the bit I say him, didnt see his whole set as we doing venue checks, and the person who was ment to be doing it couldnt be arsed, grrr (mumbles wasnt like this in my day).

I am liking the whole beard thing, although I feel I may be pissing a few people off by being a bit in charge sometimes, but hey someone has to do it.

Anyway, I am happy and for once not sad or lonely or thinking I have no friends, cos I do, I know I do, and no they maybe not offer to by my drinks or do things for me, I dont always offer to buy them drinks or do things for them, but I know that if I needed them, they are only a phone call away. Maybe a few other people need to realise this to and get on with enjoying life.

Thats all, off to Derby.