Thursday, September 30, 2004


Been at uni 9-5 today, and wouldnt have minded staying longer, odd than, gone from hating being taught things to loving it in like 6 months, maybe its because I am being taught how to write a prompt copy instead of learning how to do Nodal analysis, or exploring an experimental theatre space all afternoon rather than doing a Lab on op-amps (although wouldnt know cos I did monitors for the Gospel choir (Paul wasnt playing) rather than go to that).

Dinner was lovely too, turkey stir fry and chips, mmmmmm, went to Asda on the one home, which was fun, got bored of shopping with the Girls so went home of the next bus with my cool new bus pass,

Got to go to the post office tomorrow to get stamps and enevlopes and an application form for an LGV (changed the name from HGV apparently) provisional, and got to have a medical, oh the joy, not got any lecture tomorrow though, and I think my black paper has arrived so all is good.

(never ever written that before, oh my god I'm turning into one of them.......)

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hello again,

Following my new experience with West Yorkshire bus drivers I must conclude that the ones I was moaning about before were great, the ones now seem to all have a death wish, probably half due to the time allowed to get places on the timetables actually require you to travel at light speed to get there. Course wise things are going ok, got my first kinda assignment today, to design the lighting for 3 scenes of King Lear, which should be doable, more doable that a piece of coursework on differential equiations,

OH in other new, thanks Kate, the web address for Robs blog has been updated.

Spending money at amazon again as well, another £45, think thats it for this year though now.

New leatherman arrived, they engraved it and everything, 'its so good I put my name on it' (just thought of that will proabably sound shite by the time I publish),

Trying to find sketch pads with black paper in at present, proving a more difficuilt problem than first thought, starting to get anoyed with full size keyboards as well, want internet on my laptop, which is being formated some time tomorrow as it has started having trouble playing cd's, pc's with 1.2Ghz processors shouldnt have problems with cd's, might put win 2k on, still havent decieded if I like XP.

Think thats all for now. Bye.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


At uni in Wakefield (well the uni is actually at a place called Bretton, near wolly edge services and is part of the university of leeds) living in a flat with 4 girls and a guy.

Doing a technical theatre kinda degree called Performance Design and Production, and have met someone on my course who could have read this blog using the great portal that is Ed's blog (Notice an actual link), but the ball didnt drop when I spoke to her so hello Rachel and she reads Rob's Blog.

In other news bought lots of books for my course, have started reading shakespeare as part of my course, which is cool, bought a new leatherman after my last one and have bought a bar spanner, but erm think thats it.

bye bye

Thursday, September 09, 2004

No photos as no camera, and some bastard delivery man drove over two of them so some repairs are need.

Went out last night, had a 20oz steak, and then half of my sisters 8oz one, and chips, and onion rings, and a chocolate brownie, I feel full today :).

Built a floating shelf yesterday, it looks good so am building two more now, need somewhere to put all my new cds!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Forgot to tell you about Ikea, in a reply to something Ed said (must start hyperlinking I know, but hey you got comments so one step at a time :) ).

I dont hate Ikea, merely its shop at Gateshead, they most God allfuw shop I have ever been in, including the drum shop in Derby where there was no room to breath, move, stand, park outside, nothing, anyway, place is big and wharehouse like, usually a good thing, B and Q for example, easy to push a trolley around, easy to find stuff plenty of stock, but you see they have tried to make it like a proper shop, and failed, the fake ceiling just makes me feel clostrophobic, which I aint they have put fake walls everywhere so people have to walk round everything to make you think it isnt one big box, but it just means that you have to follow everyone else around instead of walking to what you want to look at. They catalouge came the other day, and their stuff is really nice and a like the stuff in the shop, and maybe the people that go there on a saturday at 1pm, the people that walk along really slowly and then stop, in the middle of the bloody walkway, really gets on my tits that does.

Hello again.

New look for the blog,

And you can now leave comments to tell me if you like it! thought it was a little bit more arty than the last one, havent played around with it yet, going to make the sidebar a bit smaller I think.

Hopefully though I will have a place in uni accomodation, and they all come with free net access, so hopefully that is allocated using static ip's, rather than mac address' and VLans like at nottingham (if only I new the telnet password free access for all and my college education wouldnt have been wasted, and why do I always type nottingham with a small letter hmmm).

Oh the lights work, arrvied today in a hugggeeee box, and two tiny plastic bags inside, in better condition than the cd that arrived though, well it only cost £2.09 what do I expect, its a proper version and plays flawlessly. Would take some pictures but my digi camera is 'missing' or has been 'tidyed' away into a box somewhere, grrr living with a teacher gets really anoying sometimes. Will endever to find it and take pictures, although now there is a 12V cable installed round the drive, think I may be ordering some White / Blue LED's :).

Think thats it, spending far too much money on Ebay, but am getting a lot of stuff so think its ok, could do with a few days work before I go away, but that could happen quite easily. New toy should arrive tomorrow which would be cool :), bet it will need some batteries though.

Oh and its my mums birthday tomorrow so am going out, makes a change,

Think thats it, tis a day for long posts on blogs I do belive,

Tis all

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Would have some photos of the cool lights, no really they are, but I broke them all, yup all of them have little black lamps in now, oh well they were 6V not 12V lamps after all, it was a 50/50 choice after all and I chose the wrong one, as is the way, and yeah i know two in series, but as I have explained to a few people, that would mean digging up the lawn again and I have already ordered some new 12V ones, and some new lamps filters so they will all be green, got ripped off at £4 postage though so they had better come F'ing quick or I am not going to be happy,

In other news, discovered I hate Ikea so so very much today, oh CSI is starting better go,


Friday, September 03, 2004

Today I have been mostly keeping myself busy.

Day didnt start too well, checked the post, well my sister did (letter box isnt in the house) one of my cd's (from ebay, soooo cheap :)), unfortunatly there was a card left by the postman, (who doesnt exactly like us, but thats another story) saying there was a parcel that needed to be signed for and no one was in to sign for it, strange how me and my sister were in and neither of us herd him, hmmmmmmm. Anyway not to worry will go and get it tomorrow, and the JJ72 cd that arrived was just as good as I remembered, and at least this way it spreads the fun over more days.

Anyway have beed thinking of a use for some 12V lamps I had left over from A level electronics so built some icle stands, burried a lot of spare T+E I had left over hooked up a transformer and waited for it to get dark, was very impressed as was my dad (he was a bit sceptical when he arrived home to find be digging up the edge of his newly laid lawn). Will take some photos tomorrow night if I remember and put them on here.

Think thats it.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bus Drivers,

Went on the bus to my local town today, quite away away, like 15mins ish on the bus with no stops in between, on the way there we got stopped by some temporary traffic lights, Bus drivers was obviously bored and started playing with the air suspension, making the bus lift up and down, very amusing I thought anyway. Then on the way back, had a double decker and 6 passengers, good economy there then, the only problem being the driver had the heating on, and seemed to like driving down the middle of the country roads, which wasnt very for people coming the other way, was kinda amusing watching the drivers swerve though :).

In other news got my new passport today which is erm nice. And I seem to have made a friend on ebay, maybe thats the way to have more friends, pay them, hmmmmmmmmmm.