Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Monday was cool as always, 21 lights used in a 4 hour session for 15 cues, tutor was really impressed too, we even managed to build some tempary scenery and everything, might actually post a photo of it it was that cool.

Got CAD today, so piece of piss, and a design 1:1 tutorial, which should be ok as I have actually done the work, at least I think I have............

oh and I apear to be a wildcard extension, quiz notified to be via ED:

src="" width="300" height="90"
border="0" alt="You are .* You are a wildcard. You are everything to everybody. You can't make up your mind as to what you want to be.">
Which File Extension are You?

Monday, October 25, 2004


In again monday morning, technical skills 1, which so have has to be the greatest module in the world, 20 credits of hanging some lights taking some photos, writing about the 'look' of it all.

Went to see a nice performance the other day, what a load of shite that was, actually dancey bits were well good, lighting could have done with a bit of fine tuning I thought, all the cues looked off to me, maybe thats the look they were going for, follow spot was shockingly bad, when will people realise that big beams look shit!!!! Did kinda bring back memories of an older life though, kinda really miss that life, feel a bit left out lately. Have had conversions (actually talking) with two people from it in the past week, maybe thats what caused me to miss it, propably just forgetting how much I really hated it at times. Oh and got friendly with a friend through the great power of sms, how did I have contact with poeple before I had a mobile phone????

Tin other news, new bits for my computer are working rather lovely at present, TV cards are the coolest things in all the world, well ok there not but you get my drift, maybe because it has a remote, anything that means you dont have to move is genius in my book.

Lots of things in 'progress' at present and things getting done slowly, could be some cool things coming up or could just sit around board as usual :).


Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Wow I got trained on an ETC expression / emphasis yesterday, very very cool desk, just can do so much with it easily, very versitale indeed. Shame it runs windows, dont know how much I could trust it, can check your email from your lighting desk in theory though which is cool.

Oh how could I forget, our boiler in the flats kitchen exploded last nice was fun. I was upstairs with stacy and then we hear a banging on her flats door, go to look and their is Sarah from my flat looking as if someone is dead, she just says 'James the kitchen is flooding come quick' in her great geordie accent. So I get there, open the cupboard under the sink to look for the stopcock, there isnt one, hmm I think, what the fuck do I do now, so I get an AJ and a screwdriver and start messsing, found it, the stopcock is just a normal valve and needs a screwdriver to close it, good job there is a teccy with a toolkit in the flat or the flat below could have got quite wet!

grr personal tutorial in a minute that could be interesting, it is with the costume designer from 'My Parent's are Aliens' though, which is kinda cool.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Msn lists, lests start with that, Owen (will link to his blog at some point but have closed the window and carnt remeber what its url is), was asking what catagory he is in, he is in the TEC one on mine, which does basically cover all my friends anyway, apart from the 3 or 4 from uni at notts, dont have MSN here till the adsl line gets installed dont know when that is, knew I should of had it put in my room, grrr crapy roommates, thats a different story though,

In other new been a proper little designer the past few days, and indeed right now, been colecting images as inspiration and doing story boards of scenes, dont know if I told you about Monday, was in our little light lab theatre space playing most of the day again, was fun, end result looked a little shite though, my idea looked cool though, managed to fill the place with enough haze that you couldnt see. There is a cool extractor fan right in the middle though that sucked it all out, so we had to put some more in :). Had a CAD lesson today that was fun, set up Vectorworks to look like Autocad and I was happy then, was using a Dell dimension 4000 series with twin TFT's as well, that was very nice and slightly faster than the machines in the 4th Floor lab which Ed will be pleased to know I always tried to take the stairs to.

Bought some new bits for my computer, they are going home, as that is where my computer is so will have to go and rebuilt that and bring it back at some point.

Going to the Theatre with my course tomorrow night, could be ok, have a feeling it will be shit, oh well can always go to the bar.

Tis all.

Friday, October 08, 2004


went out last night, much much fun was had, Dolly Parton's 9-5 remix played in a straight club, I was impressed, DJ did not have 'Lets get ready to rumble' though, something which I would class as criminal, or maybe I am just getting old. Speaking of getting old got my LGV (not HGV any more you know) prov application form in the post today, and my medical form, which was nice, just got to have a medical now, theres two places I could have it done, my local Doctor who I am registered with cost £115, or a Doctor in town who charges £38 and advertises in the Sun, hmmm havent decided which yet.

Got 3 cds in the post today as well, and internet in my room is one step closer, yey msn back!

Think we are going out again tonight, ah the life of an Arts student :).

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ok then,

In my last year of my degree it apears they will be closing the Bretton Hall campus I am on now, and moving us all into the centre of Leeds, this could be interesting I am thinking.

In other news, discovered there are people that carnt figure out how to use scale rules, very worrying, and that PDP is cool.

Hello, not much happening, wasting time before my stage management lecture, which is kinda cool, nice to be lectured on 'pretty' things rather than the emf created by a co-axial wire. Looks more and more likely that I wont be here, as such, next year though as they appear to be closing down the campus and moving us to leeds, which could be cool, could be shit, we will see I suppose.

Oh well think thats it, might post some more when I get in tonight, got design process this afternoon, oh the joys.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Not happy, got an answer phone message on the bus informing me that I didnt need to be on the bus, was nice of my tutor to ring me suppose and he did come and meet me at the bus stop to appologise, its the man from ETC's fault anyway, think we will be doing the training thingy next week now, oh well.

At least we get to go home for a bit before we have to come back at 2,

Monday, October 04, 2004

Hello, H&S talk didnt really happen, got shown an extension reel that conferency people had pluged 2 urns and a water cooler into while it was fully wound, and it caught fire surprisingly.

Have spend all day playing in a lighting studio (black box, lots on fixtures, lots of power, 2 okish theatre desks) it appears that this is what I will be doing every monday for the rest of my degree, little easier that the last one I did.

Getting a talk from a bod from ETC on their expression desk tomorrow, which I get to learn to use next semester along with the strand 520i, which we looked at today, seemed a nice desk.

Think thats it, post room shuts at 5pm so didnt have time to get any of my cool stuff that should be being delivered today.

OH and its my Birthday and I am 21 today, which is weird.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Went 'upstairs' on Friday, with a crate of Budwiser, came back much later with much less than a crate Budwiser, got a little bit drunk shall we say. Went out again last night, for T in wetherspoons (just like the old days :) ) and then into town, some course mates came accross from Bretton which was nice, I am living at a Uni campus in Wakefield, and attending another uni campus at Bretton hall if you hadnt realised, good old university organisation. Anyway I had 'Surf and Turf' and actually managed to get it all unlike Kate, was very nice, one of my friends asked me why it was called 'Surf and Turf' which was a little worrying.

Not been up to much today, went for Sunday lunch at the pub again, got different food to last week, but still very good.

Back to uni tomorrow, learning to be a teccy all day again, think we have a H&S talk, always fun, should have lots of pacels arriving too, always fun.

Think thats it, off to watch Pulp Fiction,

See ya in a bit.

Friday, October 01, 2004


I am really mad, well upset really, just read a forum, sod it it was bandsoc, TEC did an event for them and from their forum it would appear they didnt like it so they had a moan, about pointless thinks really but still it is their right to moan, what I didnt like was the way they called TEC gay, I thought we had moved on from the time when being gay was an insult? have we not? or does it just show how imature these people really are, they say things like TEC should go home, well they did actually and you moaned about that too, hmmm I really hate some students you know, makes me actually ashamed to be one, (especially dancers, grrr they really piss me off), was having a good day any everything,

Bought some more cds off ebay though to cheer me up, back to the reading, have spent too long in this computer room now, oh should be sorting internet in my room soon, yey.



First off sorry Ed didnt buy my books through your link, probably could have made you quite a bit of money :(, will remember for next time though.

Havent been up to much today, but have done a lot if that makes sense, went to the post office to buy stamps, and get a LGV prov liecence form, but you carnt get them from post offices, dam lying website, so havent got that yet, found a doctor that will do my medical for £38 instead of the £115 the campus docotor wants to do it. Done some washing, and educated newbies to uni life about laundry eticet (dont know if thats spelt write and spellchecker is all the way up there and my hands are comfy here). Been reading too, well 10 pages so far, but will be reading more, have recieved too more parcels as well, guys in the post room know me by name know which is nice, still dont think one of them like me though, but thats understandable when you meet me.

Think thats all, dont think I will be going out tonight, going out tomorrow though,