Monday, October 25, 2004


In again monday morning, technical skills 1, which so have has to be the greatest module in the world, 20 credits of hanging some lights taking some photos, writing about the 'look' of it all.

Went to see a nice performance the other day, what a load of shite that was, actually dancey bits were well good, lighting could have done with a bit of fine tuning I thought, all the cues looked off to me, maybe thats the look they were going for, follow spot was shockingly bad, when will people realise that big beams look shit!!!! Did kinda bring back memories of an older life though, kinda really miss that life, feel a bit left out lately. Have had conversions (actually talking) with two people from it in the past week, maybe thats what caused me to miss it, propably just forgetting how much I really hated it at times. Oh and got friendly with a friend through the great power of sms, how did I have contact with poeple before I had a mobile phone????

Tin other news, new bits for my computer are working rather lovely at present, TV cards are the coolest things in all the world, well ok there not but you get my drift, maybe because it has a remote, anything that means you dont have to move is genius in my book.

Lots of things in 'progress' at present and things getting done slowly, could be some cool things coming up or could just sit around board as usual :).



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