Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Msn lists, lests start with that, Owen (will link to his blog at some point but have closed the window and carnt remeber what its url is), was asking what catagory he is in, he is in the TEC one on mine, which does basically cover all my friends anyway, apart from the 3 or 4 from uni at notts, dont have MSN here till the adsl line gets installed dont know when that is, knew I should of had it put in my room, grrr crapy roommates, thats a different story though,

In other new been a proper little designer the past few days, and indeed right now, been colecting images as inspiration and doing story boards of scenes, dont know if I told you about Monday, was in our little light lab theatre space playing most of the day again, was fun, end result looked a little shite though, my idea looked cool though, managed to fill the place with enough haze that you couldnt see. There is a cool extractor fan right in the middle though that sucked it all out, so we had to put some more in :). Had a CAD lesson today that was fun, set up Vectorworks to look like Autocad and I was happy then, was using a Dell dimension 4000 series with twin TFT's as well, that was very nice and slightly faster than the machines in the 4th Floor lab which Ed will be pleased to know I always tried to take the stairs to.

Bought some new bits for my computer, they are going home, as that is where my computer is so will have to go and rebuilt that and bring it back at some point.

Going to the Theatre with my course tomorrow night, could be ok, have a feeling it will be shit, oh well can always go to the bar.

Tis all.


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