Wednesday, November 10, 2004


When to tech skills one, spend all day recording sound, and then got taught to use a sound desk, well taught the rest of my class how to use a sound desk really. And kinda in an extension of my last post, had an argument with a certain girl who was insisting that spirit make some of the best sound desks you can buy, worrying.

Think I am off to Manchester to rig an awards dinner for the next few days - till friday - then going home to do a gig in another hotel, me thinking me going to be tired on monday oh well only going to get taught to use protools!!.

Will post from the hotel if I can find a terminal.

Tis all, hugs to those who deserve them (People who still havent emailed me a rig sheet dont grrrrr, you know who you are).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to have emailed you a rig sheet? Why would you need one, you sent a purchase order didn't you (not that I've been in the office to see one).


10 November 2004 at 14:14  

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