Thursday, November 04, 2004


Was a long long day yesterday. Imperial War Museum North is an absolulty amazing place, especially if you have an interest in lighting / stuff. Really really worth a vist. Hammlet goes on for too long though, and was anoying when people have scrollers on lights, yet have the same colour in all night!

Forbidden planet is moving on too, have a design in my head now, and have sent a purchase order off, dont know if it got there as no one has answered the phone in the office, so it could still be in SARC. And the fax number on the companies website doesnt appear to have a fax attached to it, hmmm ???????

Anyway, think thats it, working in Leeds tomorrow morning, taking a conference thingy out, should be a laugh, and good to see people I know.

Think thats about it, OH nearly finsihed making our DVD it is very cool :).

Tis all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its becuase the useless "phone company" got told to disconnect the phone line by the companys parent company...

6 November 2004 at 10:23  

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