Saturday, November 20, 2004


Today has been well productive and its only 13:17, wow.

Done two loads of washing, well they are in the drier now, pay for some crap for my new phone that I have bought of ebay, and have to the rest of my sketches for King Lear that I have to do, just go to finish off my angle colour diagrams and I should be sorted :).

Finally sorted the hire of the lights offa TEC I think as well, will more than likely hiring some more stuff offa them next week when we discover how much our deck is going to cost.

Not been up to much else really, went to the pub (again) and watched channel 4 TV last night. Oh and got more pissed off with a certain someone off my course on thursday.

Bought myself a new printer and scanner, and memory card for my new phone, which btw is the coolest thing ever. Think thats about all, oh Stacey has gone to London for the weekend hence the productiveness, debating wether to tell her about this or not, maybe a poll is in order??

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Quick update,
*Mancherster was very cool,
*Work I did at home was also cool (met Bobby Robson and Jack Charlton) long day though, had an assisant to do all my shitty jobs which was cool though,
*Got me a girlfriend shes lovely, debating wether to show her this though,
*Course is really starting to get on my tits, grr, still love it though,
*Off to a lecture on how to light scenery now,


Wednesday, November 10, 2004


When to tech skills one, spend all day recording sound, and then got taught to use a sound desk, well taught the rest of my class how to use a sound desk really. And kinda in an extension of my last post, had an argument with a certain girl who was insisting that spirit make some of the best sound desks you can buy, worrying.

Think I am off to Manchester to rig an awards dinner for the next few days - till friday - then going home to do a gig in another hotel, me thinking me going to be tired on monday oh well only going to get taught to use protools!!.

Will post from the hotel if I can find a terminal.

Tis all, hugs to those who deserve them (People who still havent emailed me a rig sheet dont grrrrr, you know who you are).

Monday, November 08, 2004


Just a quick post to totally agree with what Owen said about newbies, I no far less than Owen and I am getting frustrated with people not know how to coil cables, or even what Gel is!!!!!!! then when you you explain to them how to coil a cable they just look at you funny and ask you if you think they are stupid, well sometimes it would be nice to turn round to them and say 'yes actually you are'. Least mine are only 1st years not 3rd :).

And I wasnt going to moan today as well.

Oh well off to tec skills 1 to learn how to use protools, great!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Was a long long day yesterday. Imperial War Museum North is an absolulty amazing place, especially if you have an interest in lighting / stuff. Really really worth a vist. Hammlet goes on for too long though, and was anoying when people have scrollers on lights, yet have the same colour in all night!

Forbidden planet is moving on too, have a design in my head now, and have sent a purchase order off, dont know if it got there as no one has answered the phone in the office, so it could still be in SARC. And the fax number on the companies website doesnt appear to have a fax attached to it, hmmm ???????

Anyway, think thats it, working in Leeds tomorrow morning, taking a conference thingy out, should be a laugh, and good to see people I know.

Think thats about it, OH nearly finsihed making our DVD it is very cool :).

Tis all.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Been up to loads and not much, as I always seem to be. Went to Shefield yesterday with a friend which was nice, was very strange to be driven around as well, really not used to that. Rang some people and confused the hell out of them as well which was nice, booked some lights as well, which is cool.

Been playing on WYSIWYG most of my spare time, shame it broke yesterday, which is really not good, should be getting the V10 installed today though which is fun. Off to Manchester to see Hamlet in a few hours, going to go round imperial war museum north which will be cool.

Anyway gtg and learn how to do storyboards properly, shame I have already done all mine really, oh well. Byeeeeeeee....

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Monday was cool as always, 21 lights used in a 4 hour session for 15 cues, tutor was really impressed too, we even managed to build some tempary scenery and everything, might actually post a photo of it it was that cool.

Got CAD today, so piece of piss, and a design 1:1 tutorial, which should be ok as I have actually done the work, at least I think I have............

oh and I apear to be a wildcard extension, quiz notified to be via ED:

src="" width="300" height="90"
border="0" alt="You are .* You are a wildcard. You are everything to everybody. You can't make up your mind as to what you want to be.">
Which File Extension are You?